Sunday, August 1, 2010

Optimize Online

I do not know what kind of life we would have if the Internet was never discovered. Without a doubt, the Internet is one of the greatest breakthroughs in terms of information dissemination. Needless to say, the world will not be what it is today, if it were not for the World Wide Web.

As a marketing executive, for instance, the Internet has opened the flood gates for alternative ways to advertise your business in a manner that is not heavy on the budget. Online advertising offers the same principles but with the caveat that they are cheaper and more accessible. Having online advertisement is like having a 7-11, a business open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Read the following tips on how you can maximize the power of low-cost online marketing strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

What you want is for your business to appear at the top of any search result every time a prospect searches for, say, online printing. With a popular site, the name of your printing company will appear at the top beating other printing companies. This can be achieved if you are included in high traffic directories or through search engine optimization key words. Ask your content writer how you can customize your site to product the most number of hits.

Go for Dog Ears

Dog ears are what you see on the upper left or right hand corner of your broadsheets. They call attention to themselves because of their location and oftentimes, they have catchy titles. Now consider this principle for your online marketing. What you want to do is for your company’s name or logo to appear in a special box after a search or in a popular website. There is no minimum budget for these types of ads because you pay only when customers click on your ad.

These pay-per-click options is good marketing strategy because the cost is based on a per click approach. This just means that you are not paying a standard or fixed rate. It is also a good tracking tool to know how many people are looking into your business. Be wary however, because some clicks do not come from legitimate customers. There are sites which have arrangements with individuals or groups to click away because this means more hits. Another advantage is that these types of ads are easily changeable. If your ad is not producing the results you expect from it, you can easily change your ad with a snap of a finger.

Now how do you measure the success of your online marketing strategy? The best way to measure this is one that combines both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative approach is not sufficient because the numbers will only give the number of customers who purchased the service or the product online, but it will not give you an idea on why they arrived at that decision. Needless to say, qualitative research enables us to delve much more deeply into the psyche of the customers and their relationship to your business or product.

These are just some ways to maximize your exposure online. There are other ways but because of space limitations, we cannot delve in much further. The bottom line is, make use of the web as an alternative option to traditional marketing techniques because they will open a new realm on marketing for you and your business.

help with SEO

With over 21 billion web pages on the internet, the competition to gain the best page rank in each industry’s field is immense. There are several SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that when combined can dramatically improve your position on the leading search engines.

When it comes to online marketing social networking sites have become increasingly popular and are starting to be utilised. The majority of people that you know will often be a member of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, both of which are key marketing devices. YouTube is fast becoming an effective marketing tool that can boost the number of visitors to your website.

One of the main uses of YouTube within SEO is to get your website into the top of the Google search engine results (SERPS). YouTube’s most popular videos can be shown in Google’s search results if correctly optimised within the YouTube site itself. This can potentially grab you another spot in the search engine results provided you have entered relevant keywords, tags and descriptions when uploading your YouTube video.

Another way of using YouTube as an SEO tool is to embed your YouTube videos into your website content. By embedding videos into your blogs it is likely that more people will view your video which will increase its popularity and thus it will be more likely to be shown in search results. Google seems to prefer websites that have embedded YouTube video content and often places these higher in the search results compared to those that have not got embedded YouTube Videos.

An added bonus of creating YouTube videos from an SEO point of view is that once you have a few videos you can build your own Keyword YouTube Channel to house your videos, this channel contains a link to your site so is adding to the number of backlinks that point to your site.

It is important to remember that no one SEO technique will get you to the top of the search results but when you correctly combine both On Page and Off Page strategies you will see the best possible outcome. SEO is a science and getting the combination right is a bit like chemistry, no set formulae is the same and therefore it is best to use an experienced SEO company that will be able to create a bespoke SEO solution for your particular business and goals.

With 10 years experience and a host of leading name clients SEO Junkies know what we are doing and do it well. Contact your very own SEO Junkie now to see how we can help improve your business.

Web Search Engine

In the mid 1990s, search engines began to list the websites that were first submitted by the webmasters and after that the search engine collected the data running their "spider". These websites were categorized according to the information that was available on websites. The webmasters realized that these search engines were optimizing the websites so the concept of web search engine optimization was born.

Web search engine optimization is a method to get top ranking in the results pages for website's most related search terms. Most related terms means the words or phrases that people like to search mostly for finding what content or services are being offered by a website. These are the search terms that are necessary for achieving a high rank. Building a website without using web SEO is just like making an attempt to drive a car having no engine. Website optimization is very essential for drawing traffic to your website. If there is no traffic to your website, it's just like a vehicle with no motor.

The first step is to choose the most appropriate search terms (known as keywords) for your website. Then, assign one or two of them to each appropriate page within the site. It is recommended to give one keyword per page but it's not so bad to have two keywords per page. Occasionally, it's better to divide a large page covering different closely related topics in two or more small pages because search engines targets each of them. However, it is essential to match keywords to pages contents.

Web SEO plays a vital role in promoting the different business prospects because 85% of the traffic is generated through the different search engines. The question arises how you can market your business website through SEO. Nowadays search engines are operated just like phone books that are available on larger scale. By searching from the search engines you will find that many companies are providing the services you require for boosting your business. You will have to make all the efforts to make your sites visible on internet all over the globe. SEO is a technique that is employed to achieve this goal successfully. People are using SEO to increase the traffic towards websites to promote their business and increase the sales. Nowadays people are getting information from the internet about products and where these products can be purchased from. If your website has good ranking and more customers are visiting your website then there is every possibility that these visitors will buy your products thus increasing the sale of your products.

In order to achieve the web optimization requirements, it is necessary to hire a professional (SEO) team capable of promoting your websites. But also if you have the time and willing, you can study and learn all the techniques that are more widely used and you can do your own SEO for your web site and who knows, you can even start offering your seo services to the internet community.